Proper packing is essential for a successful move. That’s why many families entrust the packing of their prized possessions to the professionals.


Parkway Van Lines offers years of experience in packing the personal possessions for generations of families using the latest materials and techniques to meet every packing requirement. Parkway Van Lines will gladly provide you with an estimate for this important service.


If you have the time, however, and have decided to do your own packing, this guide shares some of the techniques and helpful suggestions to protect your items during your move.


Packing Supplies

Basic Packing Tips

Specific Packing Tips



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Parkway Van Lines, has a complete range of cartons and material specially designed for maximum protection.



Based on experience, the following chart indicates the quantity and style of cartons recommended for packing an average household:



Style of Cartons

China/Dish Pack

Small – 2 cu. ft.

Medium – 4 cu. ft.

Large – 5 cu. ft.





Although the above may be used as a general guideline, adjustments should be made based on items to be packed:



Style of Carton

China/Dish pack

Small cartons

Medium cartons

Large cartons






Parkway Van Lines uses white unprinted newspaper as a good all-purpose wrapping and cushioning material. Printed newspaper, although plentiful, should be used only as an outer wrapping as the printing ink will rub off and can become embedded in fine china. White unprinted newspaper cut into sheets about 24″ x 36″ is sold per 10 pounds and is available from us at any time.



This, of course, is used for marking your packed cartons. Be sure to put the letters ‘P.B.O.’ (packed by owner) on your packed cartons so when the van operator takes an inventory of your goods, there won’t be any question as to what you packed and what Parkway Van Lines packed. Write your name on each carton, contents, and indicate to which room it should be delivered at the destination – such as the kitchen, the den, dining room, bedroom #one, #two, master bedroom, etc. Mark ‘fragile’ and ‘This side up’ on delicate items.



Obtain proper tape from Parkway Van Lines or go to your local hardware/discount department store and purchase gummed or adhesive tape, at least 1 V2 or 2 inches wide to properly seal top and bottom of cartons.



Do not pack dangerous or flammable items such as propane tanks, lighter fluid, paint, oily rags, ammunition, matches, charcoal, pool chemicals, bleach, fertilizers, chemistry sets and acid batteries. All aerosol cans -containing such things as paint spray, oven cleaner, butane lighter fuel, antiperspirant and hair spray will not be accepted for shipping. These cans could explode and cause sever damage to your possessions. If you have any doubt about what may be a potentially dangerous item, call Parkway Van Lines and speak to a relocation consultant before you pack it.



Do not pack in your cartons items of exceptional value, such as jewelry, precious stones, coin collections, currency deeds, notes, securities, stocks, bonds, stamp collections, or any articles of intrinsic value. You should take these valuables with you or make other arrangements for their transfer. Be sure to check with your insurance company for coverage.



Check with Parkway Van Lines for specific information on moving all types of plants, preserves, canned goods, frozen foods and foodstuffs (potatoes, vegetables, etc.).



Parkway Van Lines or Parkway Van Lines Van Lines does not assume liability for damage to owner packed items unless there is visible damage to the carton that might possibly indicate mishandling by the carrier.


In addition, items not packed which would usually require carton/crate protection (i.e., mattresses, box spring, marble tables) are also excluded from coverage.