Proper packing is essential for a successful move. That’s why many families entrust the packing of their prized possessions to the professionals.


Parkway Van Lines offers years of experience in packing the personal possessions for generations of families using the latest materials and techniques to meet every packing requirement. Parkway Van Lines will gladly provide you with an estimate for this important service.


If you have the time, however, and have decided to do your own packing, this guide shares some of the techniques and helpful suggestions to protect your items during your move.


Packing Supplies

Basic Packing Tips

Specific Packing Tips



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Protecting Your Possessions -Safe Handling Techniques


Your possessions will need special attention to reach your new home safely. Your Parkway Van Lines van operator will carefully move and place your belongings on the van according to a pre-planned loading pattern. Each item will be positioned in the van or container to ensure its safety and to maximize the available space. When you move with Parkway Van Lines, each step of the way is a carefully planned and coordinated effort to make sure your possessions arrive at their destination in perfect order.


Unpacking Services


Any cartons packed for you by Parkway Van Lines will be unpacked in your new home at your request. Individual items will be unwrapped and placed on tables or counters. Clothes will be removed from wardrobes and hung in closets. All packing materials will be taken away for disposal on unpacking day. Should you wish to have your belongings put away in cupboards and closets, Parkway Van Lines can provide this extra service at a reasonable cost.


Your Parkway Van Lines crew will place your furniture where you want it in your new home. They’ll carry cartons to the rooms that are marked on the containers.


They’ll unroll rugs and reassemble items that they took apart at loading.


Driver Selection


The van operator is an integral part of the moving process since it’s his job to supervise the crew and organize how the van will be loaded. “Quality in Motion” not only describes our company but it describes our van operators too. Only those drivers who have met Parkway Van Lines standards for low frequency and severity of damage claims; good customer relations; safety; on-time pick up and delivery; driver/Van appearance and operations support will be chosen to handle your move.


Training Programs


On average, Parkway Van Lines drivers have worked almost 10 years with the Parkway Van Lines fleet. Training is an on-going process for all our drivers. Throughout the year they attend programs held at our National Training Centre in Oakville where they learn new handling techniques, improve their customer relations skills and update their knowledge on policies and procedures.


Loading Your Possessions


Before loading your belongings, your Parkway Van Lines van operator catalogues each carton and separate items. He notes the condition of each article on an inventory sheet along with a description of each piece of furniture. You’ll be asked to check the inventory with him during loading and unloading so you’ll be sure everything is accounted for and received.


Large furniture pieces are padded carefully during loading for protection against marks or scratches. We’re experienced at moving special items like fitness equipment, pianos and regulation size pool tables. Some items may require specialized service by a third party company which, Parkway Van Lines will arrange.


Your van operator carefully plans the load for maximum security of your possessions.


Moving From Canada to The United States



Moving across a North American border can be as simple and straightforward as moving within your own city, providing you take the time to obtain the necessary information and to get the required paperwork in order.


Each year, Parkway Van Lines moves hundreds of families across the Canadian/ U.S. border. Over the years, we have gained valuable experience and make every effort to provide our customers with accurate information and advice.


However, as the relocatees, you should be aware that neither Parkway Van Lines nor any other mover has any direct control over the enforcement of customs regulations or policies. Therefore, we encourage you to directly contact the appropriate agencies or consulates to obtain detailed information, specific to your individual situation.


In some instance, it will be necessary for you to obtain pre-clearance certificates or to post bonds in accordance with various regulations. Your mover cannot make these applications or arrangements on your behalf. It is your responsibility to do so. In some instances, your employer or their solicitor can assist in these matters, so it is always wise to consult with them as early in the process as possible.


This Web Site has been prepared by Parkway Van Lines. It will provide you with an overview of the most common issues to be considered during a cross border move. Where possible, we have provided contact numbers for the various agencies or government bodies who can more directly respond to your inquiries.


We have also prepared a brief resource list of useful Web sites, available on the internet which you may want to check out.


We would highly recommend that you do your research and make the necessary contacts, well in advance of your actual moving date, since it sometimes takes time to get everything in order.


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