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Proper packing is essential for a successful move. That’s why many families entrust the packing of their prized possessions to the professionals.


Parkway Van Lines offers years of experience in packing the personal possessions for generations of families using the latest materials and techniques to meet every packing requirement. Parkway Van Lines will gladly provide you with an estimate for this important service.


If you have the time, however, and have decided to do your own packing, this guide shares some of the techniques and helpful suggestions to protect your items during your move.


Packing Supplies

Basic Packing Tips

Specific Packing Tips



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Customs inquiries can be directed to your closest U.S. customs office or you can contact:


United States Customs Service

P.O. Box 7407

Washington, D.C.2004


(202) 633-2000


Customs Internet Site:


Useful internet sites for immigration information can be found at:


For general city information try the following site:

You may also contact the NHTSA by mail, phone or fax:

U.S. Department of Transportation

National Highway Traffic Safety



Director of the Office of Vehicle

Safety Compliance


400 – 7th Street SW

Washington, DC, 20590

(202) 366-5313 – Phone

(202)366-1024 – Fax


For general EPA information Contact:



Manufacturers Operations

Division 6405-J

Investigations / Imports Section


401 M Street SW

Washington, DC, 20460

(202) 233 9660 – Phone

(202) 233-9596 – Fax