Proper packing is essential for a successful move. That’s why many families entrust the packing of their prized possessions to the professionals.


Parkway Van Lines offers years of experience in packing the personal possessions for generations of families using the latest materials and techniques to meet every packing requirement. Parkway Van Lines will gladly provide you with an estimate for this important service.


If you have the time, however, and have decided to do your own packing, this guide shares some of the techniques and helpful suggestions to protect your items during your move.


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Get everything together – assemble the equipment, various size cartons, cushioning newspaper, white newsprint, tissue paper, sealing tape, scissors and a felt marker. Some home packers prefer the kitchen as a convenient place to work. Some prefer the dining room area, covering the dining room table with a blanket for protection and using a card table to hold the items to be packed. It can work like an assembly line. Pack as much as you can in one room before going on to the next. If you have plenty of time and want to pack over a number of days, set up a work area in a spare room for packing. You can make the decision as to which way is better for you. Organization is the key.


We suggest you begin packing the out-of-season items. Next, the little used equipment, and last, the things that will be used until the last minute – soap, towel, toilet articles, facial tissue, etc. This last box can also be filled with things you will need immediately upon arrival at your new residence – instant coffee, instant cream, sugar, cans of soup, crackers, can opener, kettle, a small pan, paper plates and cups, plastic spoons, paper towels, first-aid kit, hammer, screwdriver, light bulb, fuses, scotch tape, and a few other necessities.


Place like items within a carton and keep all parts or pairs of things together. Put curtain rod hardware, screws and bolts, and other small parts in a plastic bag and tape or tie it to the article.


Packed cartons when filled should be easy to carry and not exceed fifteen (50) pounds in weight. Tops of cartons should close flat.